I am coming from the shores of the Danube river, where I have the most intense memories of happy long summers at my grandparent’s vineyard in Eastern Europe.



Every year we had months of al fresco parties, granny cooking river crayfish, friends tasting homemade wines, while we were jumping in the river and dad was rowing up and down, showing off with romantic boat trips.

I can still feel the excitement of picking the grapes on my grandad’s boat, as the Danube was flooding the vineyard frequently. I can still taste the big ruby fruits, straight from the stem. I still live with the joyful laughter coming from the balcony of our wobbly cottage, overlooking the most gorgeous vineyard in the world and the glistening water of the Danube.

My memories at the family vineyard by the Danube are so happy, that I want to relive them again by following another passion… to become the great wine maker that my grandad was and my father is.

 My dream has always been to write about extraordinary people, amazing food and eclectic places. This ultimately meant that I need to search for them, to travel, to discovery them, to experience them.

That is why I have chosen to follow this passion and become a journalist – the reason to come to London and work for the BBC later on.

 Now I have my own consultancy business and I call myself entrepreneur, because I think and live as an entrepreneur – curious and hungry for experimenting, for sharing and collaborating, for connecting with people and creating adventures.

 This is my story, not surprisingly VineTimes.London is something I have been planning to do for a long time, but did happen thanks to a friend. A special friend of mine, who taught me to believe in myself, encouraged, inspired and supported me in developing the wine knowledge.

Biliana Barker

Founder of VineTimes.London

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