Fiji Islands my ten days in Paradise

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Living the dream is just around the corner

Palm trees jumping in erotic dance with the clouds, white sands snaking wild around the blue lagoons, vibrant coral reefs snorkelling in the ocean, warm pacific waters singing day and night in front of your idyllic holiday home. These are the Fiji islands, twelve hours from the shores of California, five hours from Australia, two days travel from Europe, situated at the end of the world, in the middle of nowhere and so close to Paradise.

The country, where both men and women wear colourful skirts and where both men and women decorate their hair with fresh flowers each day of their lives. “Cooking or Looking” – meaning – “married or single” defines where the flowers will be placed– either above the left or the right ear. Fiji is a place, where happiness means giving and caring, where being grateful for everything is a must, an everyday life. People smile and laugh constantly, they don’t know any different, being attentive is a permanent state like the sun and the warm temperature every day of the year.

They don’t expect and don’t ask for anything, but for you as a guest to enjoy their country and their hospitality. They put enormous effort for every visitor here to feel at home. The tipping culture is non existent and as tourists we were politely asked not to encourage, as this can ruin the community and their harmonious simple way of living.

Fiji has a colourful history, very much like the vibrancy you can see and touch almost in every village, they still sell weapons for the cannibals inhabiting once their lands. Fijians are generally tall and elegant people, mixed between Polynesians and Indians, when British ruled here until the 1970s. Fijians have very chocolaty smooth skin, big deep dark eyes and large passionate lips. Men love wearing ties with their Fijian skirts. Women love make up, particularly bright red lipstick to much their flowery dresses.

There are 300 islands, but just 100 of them are inhabited and 2 of them are the main tourist destination and I spent ten days in their most famous resort called Namale.

There are regular internal flights taking you to this unspoiled beauty. 15 seater planes are taking off and landing almost in the water. The 40 minute flights to SavuSavu are an experience on its own, an adventures diving into unreal views over the turquoise reefs.

This is a WOW, breath taking welcome to paradise, where you want to lose yourself forever. The islands are very green, due to the climate and frequent rain and driving around this beauty is like nowhere else. Elegant rows of palm trees are bending in a reverence to your visit, almost whispering in your ear, while parts of the sandy beaches then jump out almost on the road, like a naught child,  just to show that they are there for you, waiting to play.

Namale belongs to the influential philanthropist and world famous life coach Tony Robbins and is one of the 10 ten best rated resorts in the South Pacific for a number of years now.

If you follow and read Tony Robbins you will know that he embraces beauty, generosity, healthy living and has created this resort as the ultimate place to connect you with your loved ones, with yourself and with nature. This is how Fiji became his family paradise, a sanctuary for recreation, rejuvenation and it does feel like home – warm, cosy, relaxing. What brought me here was Tony’s famous “Life and Wealth mastery” event, which I am preparing a seperate vlog about.

Staying in Namale is a mind blowing experience, not because it is five star resort like no other. Not because your holiday cottage is an idyllic peaceful oasis, almost hiding you from everybody and everything, but because it reminds you that the real luxury is in the blending with the nature and its ultimate simplicity.

Fijian songs warmly welcome you into this temple of harmony. The staff call themselves “the family”, all the wishes, decorations of your room and bed, all the notes, menus, activity messages are all signed “from the family of Namale”. The minute you arrive in this place you want to stay forever. Flowers, cocktails, ocean views a massive jungle of positive vibes.

Without any chance to lose the momentum of all this, your new friend Vili is taking you to your bure –  traditional wooden holiday home, which surprises you even more with its hidden charm and layers of revelations. Every single part of this cottage overlooks the water. A huge bed, with romantic white netting is decorated with flowers saying “Enjoy and have fun”. A big bathroom opens onto a huge balcony with sun beds, funky shower room has a 180 degree naked view of the Pacific. The bedroom opens onto a generous decking with your own pool and private stairways to the ocean.

You know this is your “stairways to heaven” but this is only on the surface of it, there is so much more to come… Just wait for the night, when the Ocean starts to talk to you and when the moon light unveil its magical path through the glistening waters. When the morning comes, you wake up knowing that this is not the actuality of your life and you are living your dream.

The ultimate holiday experience.

Drifting down on a salt river through the jungle is a must, an experience that liberates you from every single thought that can take you back to the reality. You just relax on your back and surrender to infinite  nature, gazing up at the blue skies, capturing the edges of the palm trees and floating in almost surreal meditation. A spiritual orgasmic blast. After 30 minutes drifting a small pontoon is waiting for you to stop for a rest and “sober up “ with a glass of Tasmanian white or Fijian lager.

Diving or snorkelling early morning reveals the colours and enigmatic vitality of the Pacific reef. The truth is that going out into the Ocean at 5.30am is an experience of its own as you can enjoy the incredible tranquillity of the island shores and the natural waking up of the ocean.



Healthy living is core of the event that brought me here. In Namale there is a deep strategy and plenty of ways to execute it through fun activities curated carefully in one place. Like exquisite detoxifying body treatments and massages, coming with an ocean view, complimented by healthy cleansing colonic treatments, provided by a top specialist. And if you want to go in depth you should sign up for “Life and Wealth Mastery , which Tony Robbins runs few times a year.

Lagoon swimming is just to die for. This is a picture post card event. Think of anything, that  you usually put in the meaning of the word exotic. White sandy beach, tall palm trees, turquoise waters, an infinity of colours, shapes and forms, that pleases your aesthetic sensibility. A tropical scene, that makes you dream.

There is an unbearable temptation to indulge yourself with physical activities like yoga, swimming , diving  and give up to the  fantastic fresh healthy food as the perfect body mind encounter.


Waterfall picnic is the ultimate romantic swim in the jungle. Walking up though a peaceful  forest of palm trees, then a colourful big pond with pink and white  lilies  you feel like Alice in Wonderland finding a playful jungle waterfall. And there is a small table, fresh towels and few more surprises already set up for you. Tasmanian bubbly, organic avocado salads, fresh chilled coconut, grilled lobsters and prawns are there to compliment your special and very intimate time not only with people you share this eventful moment, but one to one time with the natural beauty of these islands..

A healthy food heaven

The Fijian governmental policy is highly protective of its own organic food produce. There are bio checks at the airport and you are not allowed to import even chewing gum. Fijians have created and live in a the food idyll, proud of the purity of their agriculture. Everything is free range, organic, delicious and just picked up from the fields of the sea. Even the smallest “fast food” café explains on the menu that the produce comes from the organic local farm. Coconuts are everywhere, but most of the time you need to ask in advance so they can get them for you from the trees. Food doesn’t get wasted, menus are fantastic reflecting what is available that day. Fish is freshly caught and  grilled with fruity garnish, lime and lemon and freshly grated spicy coconut side. Fijian people eat fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fruit chutneys compliment the seafood most of the time. Beef, chicken and lamb are the meat options, but you hardly get to think of steak, when offered such and exquisite fresh fruit and vegetables, just picked from the fields or seafood just caught from the Pacific.  There is an Indian influence since the country now have 30% Indian population from the years of the British rule and the curries gently blend with the fresh Pacific catch of the day. Fijian Breakfast can be anything from scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, fresh roti, paneer, nan bread and huge fruit balls. Fijian cook delicious pancakes and healthy banana breads and serve with divine natural chocolate locally produced.

Fijians have amazing water and this makes the Fijian beer and lager just delicious. For wine lovers like me – this is the wine Paradise. Everything that Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand has accomplished in winemaking can be on your table.

The time for food and family is very cherished here. You leave your shoes in front  of the restaurants, you don’t have wifi and don’t use mobile device.  You can order your favourite drink or dish anywhere in the resort. The staff is kind to provide food at any time at the hundreds of hidden romantic spots, if you feel you need to have a glass of bubbly or a bite of lobster, either in the hot tub by the ocean, the beach, or under a glorious palm tree.

The spiritual sanctuary

Fiji is a true Paradise, a cliché, which I have to use as I don’t know what else can describe that Heaven on Earth. Pure, adventures, romantic, spiritual and happy. This place makes you think about the things we treasure in life, the simplicity of perfect living, the harmony within ourselves and the relationship with people that matter to us. Fiji reconnect you with the great gifts we all have – to give and contribute, to grow and love, to make a difference and enjoy life.

Being with the Fijians for 10 day is a true therapy for people like me, living in a world which is more about getting than giving. These beautiful souls remember your name from day one, they look after you they care about you, without any expectations, they are curious about your world as they can’t afford to see it…and you ultimately think …do I tell them my story, or just keep quiet… and learn from the generosity, the care and the love, that I have experienced at this breath-taking beautiful garden of heaven.



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