Fun dining in the Tate

Tate Modern London


Priceless London View without overpriced menu.

The new Tate building, with its viewing gallery and eatery is an exciting place to be. Unusual, friendly and fun! The new type of experience of ‘not just art’ but interactive architecture, as well as laid back restaurant, with no dress code requirements, is just outstanding.

Guggenheim museums in New York and Bilbao are already homes for Michelin Star dining. Here things are not so extravagant and this makes the time spent very much classic funky London Style.

I visited Tate last Saturday, gorgeous sunny day. From the top floor you almost ‘droning’ yourself in observation of the River Thames, St Pauls, Canary Warf, the Shard and even Wembley.

Glass of wine just a floor down with the same panorama can be as cheap as £4.75 – unknown white, but very good quality. You don’t need to spend more than that, if you are not hungry, just stay in the bar area and enjoy sinking into the London Skyline magic.

Food is also reasonably priced, but too traditional for me, in a place where everything is out of the box.

If you are overly excited go few floors down and change the Panorama bar with the Drawing bar. The Drawing Bar is part of Bloomberg Connects: interactive digital projects that connect you to art and artists. Get drawing using the Tate’s sketch pads and see your creation immediately projected on the wall.

This is very popular amongst grown up kids and if not overcrowded can be therapeutic.

Tate’s new tower accommodates various events and there are modern collaboration areas overlooking the river, where even a boring board meeting can turn into a creative breakthrough.


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