Me and the Queen share the same taste for £7.50 wine

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The answer is simple we like Sauvignon Blanc as a regular choice of white wine and we like the same brand – Sauvignon Blanc from Villa Maria, New Zealand. A cellar, that has become very popular in the last few years. The price varies between £6 and £9 pounds and is widely available in most high street supermarkets.

You may say – come on where do I know what she is buying  and drinking and how do I know about the Lord Mayor, they must buy more expensive and exotic brands?

Reading about fancy parties and state banquets I came across an article, written by the Queens official sommelier – Jancis Robinson. She was revealing that apart from a few special cellars around the world, mostly in France, the supplies for the Queen’s banquets are coming from Waitrose. This particular wine is one of the most frequent choices for state visits or other formal occasions.

For the Lord Mayor’s taste and choice, my husband knows him personally from work. They often queue at Tesco, buy the same SB, when on promotion.

Jancis Robinson, confirms once again, something we as experts in wine always advise friends and clients – when you organise a big dinner or drinks, go for unpretentious good wine for a wider audience. For big parties – never spend a fortune and never buy sophisticate wines.

So what is so special about this wine and how to drink it.

It comes by all means from one of the most famous lands for this grape variety – Marlborough. Marlborough, which is in South Island, has a magnificent dramatic landscape and it is relatively cool in terms of climate.

The wines from this region tend to be much more aromatically pronounced and anyone who tried Sauvignon from France for example, knows how different and more intense Marlborough wines are in comparison. Price wise the whites and the reds from the New World are much more reasonable than any other continental ones and most of the time you will not be disappointed by Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, at least I have never tried a bad one from this region.

Villa Maria has very traditional parameters and taste – dry, very clean, crisp and lemony, high in acidity with a hint of green pepper and gooseberry.

It has just a very pleasant classic taste for those who like Sauvignon Blanc. Wine, that can be paired, but also served on its own, which you can’t do with many other varieties.

These type of wines are best consumed youthful and fresh.

If you are a Sauvignon Blanc virgin, this is an excellent start but make small steps, wine is a thinking process.  You don’t need to drink it very phlegmatically, but be present and try to connect with its story.

For parties, for me, this is the best choice and it is a wine that can take you easily to the next level, a perfect prelude to a fully bodied red with the main.

How to pair it: This particular white wine goes perfectly with greens, asparagus, peas, green salads and of course my favourite combinations are with smoked salmon, any fresh seafood or fish.

Tips on sips: Take it easy, it feels lighter to drink but still at 13%. Enhance the flavour with lemon juice, drizzled over your fruit, veg salad or fish, you will be amazed of the sensation on your pallet.

Enjoy and let me know what do you think about the blogpost.

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  1. Stan

    Great post Biliana. I’ve tried Villa Maria many times and completely agree. It’s an unpretentious but solid choice. I love that the Queen gets her wine from Waitrose!


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