My Portuguese Xmas Love affair

by Wine

Portuguese Wines are ultimate pleasure to research and talk about. They are heavily underrated and underpriced in comparison to other European wines of the same class. To me they are pure excitement and challenge for every sommelier, as they always hide away a surprise, a big secret or a mysterious story. Portuguese winemakers are world famous with their individualistic approach. The locals has concentrated on showing Europe, that they can do miracles with local varieties of grape.

Portuguese red wines are the best Christmas present either for Secret Santa in the office or just stocking filler for grown up kids.I would love to receive a bottle of full bodied Douro, or my new discovery, called Vadio – exceptional invative wine with an amazing straggle to prove its astonishing qualities. In this post I will suggest two to go for either Douro red – or for a wine called Vadio, made from Baga grape. Douro is heaven for wine makers, famous also with its stunning beauty.

Douro red is like a special friend, that you haven’t seen for ages, but you feel immediately comfortable and close to. Warm connection with loads to share and talk about. Red Douro wines are made from the very famous local grape – Touriga Nacional. This is a signature grape of Portugal and it is regarded as the wine for Port . You can read about the Port wine in my previous blog post. These wines are characterised by lush black fruit – blueberries, black current, black plum. It is high in tannins. They are earthy and strong, with very pronounced taste and long finishes. Their price varies between £10- £20, my personal recommendation will be to try 13 Redoma Douro, from Nieport, which is one of the famous producers, it will cost around £30. But you would pay in times more for similar french sensation. More vibrant and playful Douro wines, you can find online, have a look at my picture from a favourite shop in London E2, called

The second wine and winemaker, I will recommend is called Vadio. Vadio is a wine with a great story of straggle and it is very much a wine Cinderella story. For years and years no one could have made a good wine from this relatively  variety, called Baga. It was more popular with the fact, that was not able to impress neither and being invited to the high end parties, neither to attract many followers. But ambitious young wine lover has brought Baga to a next level and triumphantly prove it’s great presence and skills. Baga is coming from South West of Portugal. This wine is like a new acquaintance, very exciting, very sexy, you want to taste it in a small sips, to take your time and not rush in to the next step. The aroma is irresistible playful and young, but mature. It does taste of someone you want to be with for longer than just a preXmas party. This will wines are like promising relationships with happy days ahead. It is high in tannins and again belong to back fruit reds. The price is great £14 and you can try the white Vadio as well as the sparkling Brut. This wine is a product and result of true ambition and passion to demonstrate that love can do miracles and you need, just have to give a chance of a new encounter, whatever they say.


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