The wines of love

by Wine

When it’s about romance it has to be Paris.

When it is about words of love it has to be French.

When it is about a night full of love, it has to be elegant, delicate, pink …It has to be a Rosé

from Provence.

A bottle of stylish Rosé has always been the most popular accessory for a Valentines night out, Champaign or wine …it should be there… on the table, by the bed, on the floor by the fire. Men are not big rose lovers, but ladies love Rosé wines and why not. Good Rosé has everything that your dream lover should possess – vibrancy, elegance, style, liveliness, raciness, charm, bite, sophistication and when you taste it… it has to be WOW.

Yes, wonderful Rosé is a perfect company for a Valentines Night.

Rosé wines are difficult to produce, because of the complexity around the timing of the fermentation and grape skin contact. They are made from black grapes. The method of the production is similar to the red wines, but they are fermented at a lower temperature (12-22C) and must have a much shorter period of grape skin contact 12-36 hours. This is technically in between wine and in between process of making wine, where the skin has to be removed, before it gets too dark as a colour.

Getting to that pinnacle of taste and colour, that perfect degree of interaction is almost sexual. Wine producers have to work hard to keep the suspense, to manage the excitement, but to deliver the chemistry of the right colour and to create this orgasmic harmony between the colour, taste, aroma and character, which great pink wines are famous for.

Rosé could be sweet, what the Californian Zinfandel most of the time is. Could be Tempranillo Rose – which has more character and it is dry and savoury with a meaty note, or could be the classic Provencal Rosé – fresh and fruity, which will be a blend of Grenache and Syrah. Italy produces plenty of Rosé  from various local red varieties. Most of the wine lovers can capture the vibrancy of cranberries, red currents, Morello cherries and raspberries. The pink wines are very much more floral and fruity, aromas difficult to pick up in a regular white wine glass. On the pallet they are very playful, fresh, very pleasant and go with various food, although traditionally the Rosé has been very trendy in the summer and always associated with seafood. But today we drink rose all the time and we have fun with it. Have a look how lovely every bottle of Rosé looks like! It is a great present and bring romance onto the table.

Choosing the “right pink” wine is not very easy, I personally have bought number of not so great rose wines. Try with Rosé from Provence or Languedoc-Roussillon, price is around £10-£12 these wines are more crisp and dry. Pink Champaign is by all means superb option for Valentines Day or any romantic occasion – Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rosé Brut or Pol Roger Rose 2008 both around £60. If you are keen of more sweet and fruity tastes go for Zinfandel or try Rosé  from South Africa around £8 in most of the supermarkets.

Pink wines are generally much cheaper than whites or good reds, simply because of its reputation. In the past conservative wine drinkers has created this image of a wine which is not either red, or wine. A wine with not very pronounced taste and not very long finish. This wine couldn’t fit very much into the menu, as consumers were not sure about the colour. It wasn’t trendy to do pink.

Wine lovers like me nowadays are very open minded and we try to elevate every effort of wine making, especially if there is so much love involved. Yes Rosé is much more complex wine to get it right and you need to want to do it, you need to be in love in winemaking to try it. And what more could you say when there is so much passion, when there is so much care and so much attention involved in producing these wines. The rest should be just to give up to this wine sensation, the sensation of a love story, that you don’t need to explain further.

Happy Valentines!


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