The Art of Hosting – 10 Tips for a great party

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I love Xmas parties with friends and it is not about the food and drinks, it is about togetherness. But most of the time interesting food is a big part of the entertainment. I have hosted loads of parties in my life, especially when I work in Media. I have developed an extensive expertise and skills and could put together in no time an event, for every occasion and various people – artists, politicians, journalist, business people and even my neighbours. That is why I want to share with you few very basic tips, that will guarantee a wow and fun party with friends and colleagues.

  1. Buy cheaper wine, no one would notice expensive bottles, buy one white and one red type of wine, variety on the table confuses guests and they end up wasting the wine and deserting full glasses everywhere, as not sure if they have poured the same wine again. I personally will go for great Spanish Rioja this year and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or Argentinian Malbec and Galician Albarino.
  2. Visit your local wine shop and ask for recommendations and discount, the usual discount would be at least 10% for a case of 6.
  3. Finger food is great, cheese boards with artisan bread is a classic and cured meats, popular with the trendy name charcuterie, can work with any red.
  4. Canapés are always welcome. My favourites are homemade mackerel pate with dill, roast aubergines with pomegranate, Parma Ham with bean paste, boiled potatoes with smoked salmon.
  5. Set up the table accordingly – rustic and natural looking tables are trendy now. Use wooden boards instead of plates, stone, paper and cotton cloth to cover and decorate.
  6. Dress up fun and tell the others to do it. Make them put a little effort. Think of a theme or juts buy cheap fun accessories, like masks, hats or feathers.
  7. Always a have a Santa Clothing handy, after few drinks guests are ready for dressing up.
  8. Prepare small surprises, Ann Summers can help, again make sure you know your guest list well…Xmas lingerie is always a winner
  9. Get a help (butler or a waitress to help you serving). You need to focus on your hosting activities not on serving and cleaning.
  10. Make sure you get enough rest for the party, you need to have energy and creativity to entertain your audience.

Let me know how did it go and don’t forget to contact me if you need help with organising the ultimate experience?

Tips on sips: If you are hosting the event, take it easy with the sips.


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