Priorat wine-the pleasurable detox

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During the month, when everybody talks about greens, veggies, fruits, meat, gluten and dairy free, I can only blend my blog with this topic and suggest a simple recipe for a winter detox – go for red grape juice. Red wines has been through long observations in have proven health benefits and goodness that they bring to the table and our bodies. Clinicians are not very convinced about the overall impact on our body, but the simple benefits of moderate consumption have been confirmed. The skin of the reg grape contain antioxidants! Red wine reduces the risks of heart attack and stroke. Alcohol thins the blood, helping avoid clots and stimulates the liver to expel damaging LDL cholesterol. Polyphenols and tannins (which are the antioxidants) may offer extra benefits by relaxing artery walls and protecting against damaging free radicals. Our ability to absorb antioxidants is still under a big question mark, but there is one definite benefit, called the feel good state. To pleasure and relax. This is a without a doubt the most measurable effect on our mind and body.

In this blog post I would suggest a with a wine from Spain, from a region not that popular for wine beginners, but very well known for wine experts, it is called Priorat DOC.

What is so special about this pearl in the Spanish vine leaf crown?  Priorat DOC is a small region in comparison with Rioja or Navarra.It looks like a lonely piece of land in the Southern Catalunya, just West of Tarragona, with only 1,700 hectares of vines. This is what automatically would tease the taste buds of any wine lover. This amazing blend of the old traditional winemaking  and the new  generation of energy  and passion – that can be found only at these geographical coordinates – Catalunya and  Barcelona. They are almost symbolic for new, out of the box, trendy and vibrant, racy, lively wines!  Yes this is the region in the world which has become a winemaking lab for the bold and brave wine producers of Spain. The place where everybody is allowed to promote varieties and blends outside of the old text book recipes and add some traditional approach.

Priorat DOC as a region is famous with my favourite variety called Garnacha / Grenache. This grape is considered as one of the commanders in the Spanish Wine Armada.  It is large, thin skinned, high in sugar grape with very deep colours. The resulting wines are very full bodied, they have fruity character-strawberry and raspberry with gentle spicy notes. With age these notes evolve into toffee and leather.

Priorat DOC is one of the stand-out Spanish regions, just part of this atmosphere and somehow has managed to protect the established way of how the favourable Grenache takes over the local red and briefly dance with the Syrah, Merlo or Cabernet Sauvignon.These blends are striking and exquisite.

The price of Priorat is high, but so the experience, these wines are not cheap and not average and they deserve special attention. Best places to find them are individual wine shops and good tapas bars. The best food to pair with it are the Spanish meats and hearty warm stews with chorizo or Iberico pork. This could easily be your pleasurable winter detox drink!



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