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New style wine tasting in Shoreditch


I had a phone call from a friend, who is experienced sommelier. I wanted to check a few details before my first Vine Times Club event last Saturday. We went through the wines that I have chosen and then he said: “You know that a wine tasting can be very similar and everything is more or less about the language, that you use to describe the character of the wines”

I realised that this was the simple truth, many people don’t think wine tasting alone is very exciting experience any more, especially if it in urban surrounding. This is how I have decided, that my VineTimes Club occasions have to be sensational in any possible way.

I created VineTimes.London to deliver outstanding experiences, with inspirational tastings, celebrating the finest blends of aromas, flavours and stories. A Wine tasting, that is triumphant and sophisticated for my friends and followers, wine lovers,  who have been to countless tastings across the world.

This is how this new VineTimes tasting event was born.

How wine tasting can become mindfulness through jazz music, how this enhances the experience.

Wine tasting through jazz music had never been done before. The effect of live music on humans has always been very powerful. The emanation of smell, taste and sound becomes a tangible harmony of emotions. This reaches a new level of sensation and you can feel and visualise this explosion.

We are tasting different wines in this case crisp, racy Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, oaky and classic French Chardonnay, vibrant French Burgundy Pinot Noir and earthy Australian Shiraz. The guests are describing what they feel, when they smell and taste the wine, what they imagine, relate and desire, when connecting with the wine and its character. This could be a story, a place, people or moods. The jazz band then is matching these nuances, images, improvising on the spot, trying to involve and take all of us to this new level of blending presence and body sensations through music. And yes, the wine tasting became an exciting trip, a wild dance, a passionate date, a mysterious encounter, a colourful dream. The tasting becomes an adventure trip from the rocky shores of New Zealand back to the hidden jams of Shoreditch, where my tasting it taking place.

Classy band like -“Boom La TETE” and the gorgeous jazz singer Arifa Hafiz are the right itinerary for this trip. An evening like is not only ablout the wine, the amazing food complimenting it is just another layer and Yuko Grenier’s Japanese catering was working exceptionally with the whole mise-en-scène.

My hard work and research created an outstanding event. I experiment with interesting combinations. I have picked the right wines for my audience, stylish food, excellent musicians to entertain us and most importantly invited an open minded wine tasting  VineTimes members from all over the world – celebrities, diplomats, journalists, artists and entrepreneurs.

Navigating this almost theatrical event was a pleasure for me. I have been hosting many occasions as a radio presenter, which is my background. For such an event you need special surprises and I like a Wow Grand Finale for my Vine Times Wine Club tasting. This was a bottle of red from the personal collection of the Bulgarian Presidents Peter Stoyanov, sent for the occasion with personal message and signature. This bottles normally sells for over £10K at charity events.

VineTimes London Club has elevated the wine tasting to a different level of sophistication. This is not only new and unusual interaction, but a pleasurable mindfulness session enhancing this experience for all, not only for wine lovers.

Do you like how this sounds? Contact us to create an outstanding experience, exclusively for you?


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