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24th of December

Christmas Eve, a day to reflect on the events that shaped your year, on the things that are important for you, on the lessons learnt and the people, who influenced your life. I am coming from Eastern Europe and we start the big celebrations on the 24th, traditionally some families would cook fish or just prepare vegetarian food. My wine choice is very much special and it is in tune of the intimacy of this evening.  I have chosen to enjoy the evening  with my absolute favourite white from Burgundy – Meursault 1er Cru. It is everything you want from a white wine. Generous explosion of aroma, this is the taste of Xmas eve – buttery, vanilla and a playful spice from the oak. This is how a great Champaign taste like, but without the bubbles, so if you like high class champaign this is the white wine you can start you glorious holiday with.

The Xmas Eve soaree will continue with good heavy red. I do think of Malbec, when it is about anticipation! It is just  the ultimate red, I am going for Nicolas Catena Zapata 2011. It is a blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon and it is nothing but exceptional full bodied red, which needs an intimate time to enjoy.  The end of my Xmas Eve will be LBV port 2012 from Newport. You can read more about it in my blog about Port wine.


25th of December

Happy Christmas! I have favourite routines, which I now follow for the last few years. I always wake up with a glass of good champaign and I always cook smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for the whole family. Then we all go for a walk down the road and enjoy the service at St Paul’s Cathedral. This year I have chosen a white, that has been recommended to me by my local wine merchant – It is called Clos Lapeyere Mantoulan Jurancon Sec 2010. This is very versatile and vibrant wine, which deviates its taste from its smell and can be very playful on your pallet.

My red choice is naturally Brunello Di Montalchino 2010. This Tuscany red is like a Christmas decoration – full, colourful, busy, exceptionally aromatic. A garland of black fruits and spices . If you like heavy, deep and intense wines, this is the one, leathery and earthy. This is Father Christmas of the wines – full of presence, long awaited, very much unconditionally loved. This wine s Italy’s best known and most expensive wine. Our Christmas desert will be served with a good quality Tawny Port.


26th of December

Boxing Day is a fun day, where you go out and meet people or just chill out on the sofa. My suggestion is to go for one good white, pleasant, racy and classy as most Burgundy whites- Santeney 2014, produced by Vincent Morey and Sohie. It is very aromatic and will go with lighter food. It has very delicate aroma, it is  beautiful and smooth and it is  yeasty and oaky on  the pallet. This is classic Xmas white, not as racy as Sauvignon Blank and it is very lively with long finish.

The red for Boxing Day is coming from Greece and the Cycladic island of Paros. These islands are very interesting to me and disturbed and volcanic soil always give beautiful wines. Paros Reserva Moraitis wine is made from a local variety called Mantilaria and has a long history from the venetian era until today. This wine reminds me already about my eventful greek summer in Santorini and the most beautiful sunset in the world. To me it is already not just a wine, but a Xmas blue and white romantic story.

Have a Lovely Christmas my VineTimers! Thank you for your support and time to read my blog!


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