The Winter Whites

by Wine

Viognier – the perennial white

How many of us are associating white wine with summer, seafood, beach and burning hot sunshine. Most of the white wines are by all means the best company for the summer, however white wine can be just as good consumed in the winter with hearty meaty dishes. Steak with white wine? Yes does go together especially if you are open minded and chose a variety which competes with the intensity of any meaty heavy winter dishes. My suggestion here will be the oily and strong fill bodied Viognier.

This is a great variety of wine which can be paired with sausages, smoky meats, cured meats, stews and plain stakes. This grape produces soft full bodied and extremely aromatic wines. When they are coming from a cooler climate they taste orange, apricot. Warm climates adds more pineapply, mango hints. Viognier wines remind you of a favourite old movie, that is exciting enough to be watched again and again and has the same emotional value regardless of the context, your age or time of the year, You simply enjoy curling on the sofa, holding hand with the person you love and sink into it.  Viognier is not very widely produced, although you can find it in Chile, Argentina, Australia in the famous Barossa Valley and Central coast, California, the best Viognier is coming from France and Northern Rhone and Languedoc-Roussillon. The small Condrieu region in Northern Rhone produces a vary rare off-dry style of Viognier.

The taste of these wines is very vivid, very intense for white wine, sometimes is almost like a delicate olive oil. The styles of production are different  and you can taste lime, flowers and minerals if fermented in stainless steal, or rose and vanilla – if fermented in aged oak barrel, which reduces the acidity. This heaviness can be easily captured by the pallet and  that is why is working so great with heavy meats. This wines should be consumed young, up to two years and don’t require special preparation or storage. Good Viognier is not less than £10 and not more than £20 and can be found everywhere. Viognier is from the same group of wines as Chardonnay, Semillon, Marsanne Blend.  It is my favourite winter white, but it is perfectly suitable for meaty fish and summer nights. What makes this wine so sexy is the warmth of a great looking guy, who can demonstrate to perfection the art of asking you out.


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